Information Management


We help our clients harness data to uncover new business opportunities, streamline decision-making, and improve their customer satisfaction.

We provide advisory and implementation services around big data accessibility, analytics, and integration to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance operations, and unlock new opportunities. The SCI ITS team of data architects, data analysts, and data warehousing experts will provide the ideal optimization for your data retrieval needs.


Big Data

SCI ITS works with clients to help realize the benefits of Big Data technologies, by extracting value from their data. In today’s market, the most competitive companies are the ones that best manage their data and utilize it to respond rapidly to market conditions.


Traditional technologies and infrastructures cannot efficiently handle Big Data initiatives. As Big Data is not a specific technology, SCI ITS works with our clients to determine the best solutions for their unique needs. Further, our institutionalization principles along with our change management services help our clients’ enhance the skills of their employees. 

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics provides organizations the capabilities necessary to harness data to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions. The right solution will allow companies to achieve cost reduction and enable the agility necessary to take products and services to market faster. 


There are a lot of new and existing technologies in the market, wading through them to determine which is best for your business objectives, and unique infrastructure can be a daunting task. SCI ITS is agnostic when it comes to technologies; therefore, we provide nonbiased insight in addressing your current and anticipated volume, the variety of data types, and the best tools and processes to produce true value from your data.

Data Integration

Many enterprises approach big data architecture as an extension of their existing data warehouses. The SCI ITS team has a dedicated focus on data integration, experience working with various integration tools, and the ability to align technical innovation and business processes with business needs. Our team will help implement the right data integration technology based on your key criteria.


SCI ITS provides advisory services for the design and implementation of data-centric architecture in both the data warehouse and real-time environments. We help promote the movement, transformation, management, security and the quality of data, and present it in a consistent manner.   

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