Our Approach

Delivering innovative solutions for our clients is at the center of everything we do. This is only & achieved by deploying the right combination of people, process, and technical expertise. 


People: We recruit and cultivate the best talent while focusing on retention. Our management is dedicated to creating a work environment that fosters collaboration, continuous education, and skills enhancement. This helps maintain our excellent employee retention, but also helps expand our technical acumen.

Our entire organization is committed to developing a solid understanding of our clients' industry, business objectives, challenges and other dependencies. This allows us to approach business needs from the client perspective and offer creative thinking and innovative ideas. We instill a philosophy that focuses on consistently adding value to our clients' business. This approach is why we have many long-term client relationships.

Process: We have a rich heritage of high-quality delivery using proven methodologies. Our understanding and experience of Agile Methodologies are at the heart of our approach to providing continuous ROI on every engagement. This Agile approach also includes comprehensive project management across the project lifecycle and practices complete transparency in execution. Using industry best practices and an Agile driven model helps reduce costs and time, while providing consistent quality delivery.

SCI ITS has been successfully assessed at CMMI Maturity Level III and has also been awarded an ISO 9001 – 2008 certification. Because our executives practice continuous involvement with our clients, we track our performance against established key performance metrics. This helps ensure we consistently and continuously deliver exemplary service. 

Technology: Our consultants are business oriented and technology driven. Having an understanding of our clients’ business allows us to be more effective when defining project requirements and executing project plans. Our technical acumen helps us craft strategic execution plans that consider all the variables in determining the best technology or solution.

While we remain technology agnostic, we are very knowledgeable on the latest tools and technologies. This position allows us to apply the right solutions for the business needs. We work as an extension of our clients' team. They bring internal knowledge and set objectives. We work to learn the business and offer a set of innovative and creative options that meet specific needs. This fosters a continuous value-add relationship.


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