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Client Challenge

The client’s remote monitoring team of 5 collectively spent approximately 4 hours per day creating daily reports. The reports were inconsistent, caused tension within the team, and produced lengthy reports with unnecessary information; within a format that was difficult use. The team members cut and pasted data points from their simulation software, which caused inefficient use of time.

Because of the lack of consistent process and tools, all team members were uncertain on what models and data they would use to support their analysis of daily status on KPIs.

Reports would include status summaries for KPIs and data models, but they did not effectively communicate the links between the models and the KPIs. Good data was in the report, but the client was overwhelmed trying to interpret it.

Our Solution

SCI ITS helped architect and develop a solution that streamlined the process by establishing a structure around the workflow and enabled a consistent format that was easily used by all. We designed an intuitive and interactive reporting tool directly around the KPIs.


The original process took approximately 4 hours to produce. The new system took less than 30 minutes to complete, resulting in an 87.5% increase in productivity related to generating drilling reports.

The team members were able to spend less time generating reports and more time focusing on their work. The reports were consistent and easy to produce and easy to review.

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