About Us

We are commited to our customers success.

SCI IT Solutions (SCI ITS) takes a strategic approach to information technology, ensuring that our clients’ IT assets are continuously aligned with their business goals. We actively engage with our clients to find innovative and sustainable solutions that make their businesses more efficient and profitable. 

We have domain experience across several industries including oil and gas, financial services, technology and health. 


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Our Mission

SCI ITS is committed to delivering innovative technology solutions. Our client-centric engagement model increases efficiency and effectiveness. Through our commitment to work and grow together, we strive to empower our clients to make the best decisions for their companies and achieve success.

Working With SCI ITS

We work with you to identify the right delivery model to meet your business objectives. By using the optimal mix of on-site, off-site and global resources, we can deliver leading technology services while containing cost. This flexible approach means you get a solution tailored to your needs. 

Core Values

  • Customer centricity 
  • Focus on business outcomes
  • Agile delivery model
  • Accessible team
  • Quality assurance
  • Superior technical competence

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  • 8229 Boone Blvd., Suite 325,
    Vienna, VA 22182
  • Phone: 703-584-4141
  • Email: info@sciits.com